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Yahoo Mail? FAIL.

Many of you recently received an unusual message from me, containing only a link. Don't click it. And delete the message.

My mail account was hijacked. Yahoo Mail has a vulnerability that requires only clicking a link - probably the one you were sent - for someone to instantly gain full access to the account.

This is the same vulnerability that Yahoo claimed they fixed. Then later said, oops, we really fixed it this time. I guess it's still not fixed...

And this isn't the only problem I've had with Yahoo. I've lost access to my account twice previously, for unknown reasons, and had to reset the password. I've been unable to send attachments for weeks at a time. And I've been been unable to send mail to certain people, even though it goes through fine using any other mail service. Problems that a little searching on the web reveals that many other people are experiencing too.

It's a pain switching addresses, but enough is enough. So bye-bye, Yahoo.

My new address is

I'll continue checking the old address, for a while at least. It would be nice if I could just automatically forward all the mail from my old address to the new one. But to do this requires their Yahoo Mail Plus service, which is $20 per year. Interesting how they've set it up so that the more people they drive away with poor service, the more money they stand to make. They won't be getting any money from me!
Newer: 06/09/2013 - Summer 2013
Older: 02/18/2013 - Casa Bandidos Ferret Rescue Logo

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