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Previous News, 06/29/2014

Newer: 11/29/2014 - Christmas 2014
Older: 04/05/2014 - Happy Spring 2014

Critter update! It's been a while since I posted some recent photos of the four-legged freaks.

Pink piggy nomming piggies.

Nimbus grooming Scorpy.

Nimbus' first love is Lolly.

Scorpy and Noriko.

Oh my goodness, do I offend?

Plus, guess what?

I'm now on Facebook! 'Bout time, right? ;)

On the left, you'll always be able to click Facebook to see my timeline. Or under For Sale, click FFFAH to go to the Fabulous Ferret Finds Auction House, where I now list items weekly! At least 10% of any item you win there goes to a different ferret shelter each week - sometimes more. Although art is my only source of income, I try to donate or generate at least $200 monthly for charities benefiting ferrets. The more of my art you buy, regardless of whether it's direct from me, in the FFFAH, or Ebay, the more I can afford to donate!

See something that's already sold in my gallery that you like? Just a reminder that I can make prints on demand of many items, just ask.

Many new items added for sale today. Check out my ferrety guitar pick necklaces. Lightweight and perfect for summer occasions!
Newer: 11/29/2014 - Christmas 2014
Older: 04/05/2014 - Happy Spring 2014

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