Art by Stef, aka Ferretstef
Specializing in paintings of nature, ferrets, wildlife, and other animals, in many types of media
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"Ferret with Goldfinch Hand Painted Duck Egg (Pysanky)"
Hand Painted Duck Egg

"Solid As A Rock"
Hand Painted Rock

"Ferret in Buttercups"
Hand Painted Rock

"River Otter Dance"
River Otter Dance

"Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover"
Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover

"Forest Mist Memorial Ferret Box"
Forest Mist Memorial Ferret Box

"Amethyst Frost Ferret Memorial Box"
Amethyst Frost Ferret Memorial Box

"Ferret and Water Lily Memorial Box/Urn"
Ferret and Water Lily Memorial Box/Urn

"Ferrets with Calla Lilies Memorial Box"
Ferrets with Calla Lilies Memorial Box

"Gothic Angel Ferret Rose Memorial Box Urn"
Gothic Angel Ferret Rose Memorial Box Urn

"Sweet Heart Sable on Hot Pink"
Sweet Heart Sable on Hot Pink

"Sweet Heart Roan on Pink"
Sweet Heart Roan on Pink

"Sweet Heart Lt. Chocolate on Red"
Sweet Heart Lt Chocolate on Red

"Sweet Heart DEW on Purple Heart"
Sweet Heart DEW on Purple Heart

SFA on Masonite

"Of Ferrets And Men"
Painting on Masonite

"Following Yonder Star"
Acrylic on Masonite

"Winged Christmas Ferret"
Painting on Ornament

"The Stocking Stuffer"
Paper Mache Painting Ornament

"Ferret in Red Sweater"
Painting on Silver Ball Ornament

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